Ericsson 301 microphone
From these bass blocks I did start turning microphones, one for my 301 and one for my friend.
Face parts start to be ready, material for making the insulators also in picture.
Then it was time to do the decoration to barrel part of microphone, millimeter scales on picture sides.
I had to make a hitting machine for the decorative, 3600 hits around the barrel.
Now ready for nickel plating.
Membrane made from 0.2 mm steel and brass sheet.
Microphones starts look ready, coal bottom done from big electric motor collector coal.
Still missing was the horn of the microphone. I did make the mandrel for metal spinning lathe and then let the metal spinning shop to do a small series of horns.
Here trying how their fit to microphone.
Thens horns are polished and nickel plated.
When ready and in place, I am very happy with the result.
Can not tell the difference to original from outside.