Ericsson 301 restoration
The phone did look different when I bought it. It had been changed from a fixed microphone and separate receiver to a handset phone (Siemen's handset), and missing were the crown, parts of the wood and some veneer.

After all the screws were removed, what was left was a pile of wood and veneer. The phone had been stored in wet condition and so almost all the bone glue had been eaten up by the mould.
After a lot of gluing with bone glue, making a new wooden crown, adding new walnut and pine wood parts and replacing missing walnut veneer, looks like this.

Once stained and polished with French polish, the wooden parts are ready for assembly.
The bell cover had been painted over, so it was sanded back to reveal original decal and then covered with French polish.
The battery cover was so bad, that I made a totally new one and added an original looking repro decal to it.
The receiver was bought at auction.
The handset hook was replaced with the proper receiver holder.
The wiring was changed for the phone to operate with the fixed microphone and separate receiver.

The phone was also missing the receiver cord connectors, so new ones were made  with a few extra for my friends also.
The one on the left is mine before Nickel plating and the one on the right is an original Ericsson.

The microphone itself is another story !