Telefunken Tfk 127 Radio

This is Telefunken Kurier Tfk127 mains powered radio from 1934. It is one circuit, two tube receiver with feed back. It has three band's 19 - 55 150 - 300 and 500 - 1500 meters, meaning in frequency 16, 0 - 5,5 MHz, 2,0 - 1,0 MHz and 600 - 200 kHz. So mainly on Short and medium bands.

It did look quite good in auction except the lacquer.

When I start restoring the set, I first  wanted to get the cabined corrected.
This was quite easy thing to do.
The second thing was to see can I get the radio working also.

This need more work and thinking, as you can see from the pictures, the power supply capacitor where sort circuited and broken the box where their are. One of the capacitor was all ready replaced with modern one placed under chassis.

I did get old out from box and replaced them with modern capacitor placed in the old box.
I had only one back cover detaching finger screws left. The one that makes the mains switch to work was missing, also its nut and the pertinax board where the nut is rivet.

New ones made and the only thing missing now is nickel plating from finger screw.

Radio has now also new cloth covered main cord.
The radio looked a bit sad when I did get it.