Hydraulic press
I wanted a small, but powerful press.
Small ones are up to 10 tn and 50 tn press is so big that I have no room for them.
So I did made one for me.

It is made for 40 tn, but I have limited it now to 32.
It weights 140kg, height is 100 cm and width 60 cm.

It has manual fast movement in/out with pump handle.
The pump is taken from small car garage lifter.
Extra oil tank added, drilled hole through the work piston, tread to the end to connect the hydraulic pipe.

Piston sliding out had to prevented, so there is a ring welded to the piston.
That ring is against the casing, there is 2 tn pressing with max hydraulic presser of 700  at, now limited to 550 at, which gives 32 tn to work piston.
With these tools I pressed a small series of Ericsson bells, 78 mm in diameter from 1.8 mm brass sheet.
Here is a comparison, left one (not nickel plated) is mine and right one is original.

The only difference to original is that the ringing is not as high as original. Maybe the material should be bronze instead of brass.
I am happy with the result now when bells are nickel plated.