Kristiania, Aktieselkap Elektrisk Bureau wallphone
Getting this telephone fixed ment making small series of transmitters. Now there is 3 more same kind of phones also equipped with transmitter.
Here is how sad the phones looked. Left one is mine and right one is my friends, which needed more parts, and I fixed it at same time.

One on the right is my friends phone ready what I did fix at the same time as mine.
Long wall telephone from Aktieselkap Electrisk Bureau, model from 1892 (or from some source 1889) and had to be before 1897 because has red color magnets on generator.

Phone is totally reworked. It was missing things like receiver, transmitter, crank and most of paint from covers.
Phones are different, the biggest difference is in the receiver hook and switch, but also the length of the back is different and of cause also generator and battery covers are different size. The right one is older.