Ericsson AC110
This phone is Ericsson AC110, no serial number anywhere so no date of manufacture known.

Decals in legs say L.M.Ericsson & Co and Stockholm.

Phone has molded wall rose.

Leg connection bars are made from round steel and the ends steel metal sheet, soldered together.

Handset has screws in vertically.

This phone has been in use on VR = Valtion rautatiet (State Railway here in Finland).Microphone has been changed to Tarto model.No serial number anywhere.

Legs are over painted. Their have had decals and I can see Stockholm, but in other there has been a decal, but can not say what text it has had.

Phone has wooden wall rose.

Leg connection bars are made from steel metal sheet.

Handset has screws in horisontally.

Must be an Ericsson AC110 from years 1895-1900

There is two connection to be bell coils and coils have resistance of 300 Ohm. Connection screws have BA tread.

Length of the coils is 53 mm and the ringer is detached to generator with help of ebonite piece.

Ringer arm is screwed to place and there is locking nut.

Coil covers are missing.

Only one connection to bell coils, other goes via generator, resistance 300 ohm. Connection screws have unknown tread.

Length of the coils is 43 mm.

Ringer arm soldered to clapper.

Lead-through is in 10 mm hole and max is 13 mm in diameter.

This phone has the lightning protector.

Can not say in what side of hole this has but max is 16 mm in diameter.

Wiring is somewhat different.