Ericsson 381 "Jubilee"
This Ericsson phone model 381 called also as "Jubílee" for 25 year of Ericsson company on 1901.

Serial number of phone is 469162 and it is from 1904.

New parts for handset done and nickel plated, needs specially long part to microphone side.
Phone looked quite different when I bought it.
Decals in quite bad shape.
Wall rose missing.
Microphone and receiver, (in reality the hole handset) newer type.
Crank nut missing.
Through bush's missing.
Lacquering very bad.
Lacquering corrected and the center parts of the decals renewed.

New wall rose and cabling done.

The block for wall rose turned in lathe from POM (= polyacetal = plastic for modelling).

Letters milled to block and then filled with kits white wax paint.
Handset need extra long pipe part for both end (could not get then) so I made them.
Also nut for crank locking done.
Now Nickel plated and in place.

Also I made the bush's for cables from POM.