Ericsson 1881 restoring
I do not have the correct generator, so I did add corner plates to install the generator to it detaching board. Board will be then but inside the box.
Generator should have molded end with detaching corners on the side, not on the bottom.

Here wooden parts are stained and some parts has shellac also.
The front board veneer did look quite bad, but that I did fix and keep it as original as I could, some small part did need filling wood and also two part I added new veneer.
Serial number had to stamped to original place after fixing the veneer.
The restoring started from finding pictures and information how the parts have been looking like. This was a bit surprise that there was parts missing what I had not a idea.

Making parts I started from wooden parts, totally missing was generator detaching board, front board back cover, bell ringer cover, curvy decoration near left bell, top decoration,
decoration in front board joint and bottom decorations from box corners.

Also the parts that were present needed plenty of hole fillings and veneer, to the top front part i removed the veneer totally and put new one there.
Wooden part polished and shining, ready for part to get phone ready.
Now all small parts in place, some needs still nickel plating. Next thing is to make wiring.

Three bigger part needs to made, bell ringer, spiral microphone and line selector.
Bell ringer almost ready, only windings missing.

Magnets taken from old bell ringer, all other parts made from brass, steel and wood.
Line selector done, was much harder than expected. Anyway now I happy with the result.
Finding wood screws 2,5 x 6 mm did need a lot of surfing in Internet.
Totally made 139 metal parts, 15 ebonite part, 16 wooden part + veneer, 2 coal part, 2 rubber part and 5 windows from stone (mica).
When I did get this phone lot of parts where missing like generator, bell mechanism, transmitter (spiral type) and it's leg, receiver, line selector, transformer, all line screws, bells are different size, etc.

Also part of wood missing, corner decoration from bottom sides, in front top, top of left bell and center top decoration.

Phone has been modified for handset use, handset model year 1892, used in  skeleton phone !