Ericsson 1881
The manufacture of this Ericsson "coffin" model telephone commenced in 1881 and continued in production even though the pulpit model was introduced in 1882, mainly because this was only telephone build for "middle station" operation.

My telephone is serial number 8065 which means it was manufactured in 1885.

When I acquired this phone, a lot of parts were missing: generator, bell mechanism, transmitter (spiral type), legs, receiver, line selector, transformer, all line screws, bells were a different size, and the list went on.

Also, part of the timber missing, corner decoration from the bottom sides, in front top, top of left bell and the centre top decoration.

After one year and 3 months of work it finally looks like this.

I have connected it to another phone and it functions in both directions !!
Totally made 139 metal parts, 15 ebonite part, 16 wooden part + veneer (lot of smaller wooden parts to fill holes and cracks), 2 coal part, 2 rubber part and 5 windows from stone (mica). Also all wires are new, bone clue used for clueing, brown stain, shellac, black shellac, bee wax and about 40 new wood screws.

See the "Restoration" and "Spiral microphone" pages about the restoration work.