Decoration mashine
This machine was made when I needed the decoration around the microphone.
It does the job by hitting one line at the time, then turning the piece and hitting again.
3600 hits around the microphone case !

Motor with gears turns two slot wheel.
Other wheel lifts the hammer, other does the feed with help of the disk saw plate.
External gearboxes taken from old drilling machine.

Now modified to make also the "Skeleton" phone bell coil covers.
This is how the ready decoration looks like,
there is a millimeter scare on picture side.
The original decoration looks like this, also with millimeter scale on picture side.

The hitting tool is now done from high speed steel what I use also for lathe cutting tools.

Now changing the tool is much easier than earlier, so I can do different kind of decorations to different size of pieces.

There is 500 hits around the "Skeleton" phone bell coil cover takes about 30 minutes.
Covers look good even without nickel plating !
Earlier made decoration form 301 coal grain microphone looks like this.